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Vision Therapy Centers

Benefits of  Vision Therapy Exercises



There are studies that find vision therapy exercise is working. In a matter of minutes daily, you can develop an improvement doing these exercises. For just a matter of weeks, you will be able to observe the developments of your vision improved when you have the correct visual exercises.


Usually people think that it is the lens of the eye or even the shape of the eye itself that determines their vision or eyesight. But according to studies, this is just misconception.


There are thousands and thousands of tiny eye movements that we are unaware of that delivers information or data to the brain and these two parts are the lens of the eye and the eye itself which are very imperative and significant in determining how we can see. In this case the image is seen and interpreted by the brain and not the eye. You can notice that in some other days, your vision is much better than other days.


If you are worn out or stressed, this can affect your vision. Stress can cause your vision or the hundreds of tiny eye movements that you make in every fraction of a second even when staring directly to a single point. You may not be aware of it because you cannot control it.


Scientific study from austin eye care has proved that these miniscule eye movements need to happen precisely at the right moment and with the precised coordination to have a clear vision. Clearer vision is greatly affected if you are under stress. The stress can also interrupt the coordination of the connection between the mind and the eye and the capacity of the brain to read the image. Deterioration of the eyesight is not only due to stress.


Our poor eye habits from austin eye care are also a factor why our eyesight is poor. Tiny eye movements can actually deteriorate gradually and may result to losing the coordination and connection between the eyes and the brain due to poor eye habits.


You can use contact lenses or eyeglasses as an immediate fix. Dependency to the eyeglasses and contact lenses become a habit and does not really solve the issue.


The improvement of the eye will be hampered down while being dependent on the eyeglasses. Vision therapy can help by addressing the underlying problem. Exercises like switching and swinging plus the relaxation techniques can enhance the ability of the eyes to develop a more coordinated movements for a clearer vision.



In the vision therapy exercise, relaxation is a process which is a key component. An improvement program for a natural vision requires that you must be relaxed and palming is one of them.


The main goal for this vision therapy exercise is to have good eye habits to help improve your eyesight at the same time taking care of your eyes.